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Award-winning Atomic Cartoons is an independent full-service animation studio located in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Atomic creates and produces animation for television series, commercials, music videos and features. Atomic Cartoons’ partners Mauro Casalese, Rob Davies, Trevor Bentley and Rob Simmons head-up a landmark studio that includes some of Canada’s most creative animators, directors, producers and writers. Adept at multiple genres and animation styles, Atomic Cartoons is recognized internationally as one of the leading animation studios in North America.

Since its inception over 13 years ago, Atomic Cartoons has become well known for its dazzling creative talents and battle-proven production pipeline for clients such as Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., Walt Disney and Cookie Jar to name a few. Also notable is Atomic’s unparalleled success with its homegrown shows, including hit Atomic Betty, seen in over 180 territories and garnering Atomic worldwide kudos among them the Annie, Leo, Gemini and Bafta awards.

Whether you are looking for a rock-solid production partner, financing muscle for your animation project or an innovative creative team Atomic Cartoons has the right balance of experience and flexibility to take projects from concept to screen

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